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Supernova Solar

The Energy Series innovates by bringing a global tendency to the market: a roof tile capable of generating energy, through a solar tile, with the most modern in the segment.

“A visually traditional roof, but with the most modern technology of the segment: an integrated solar tile.”
With 50W power and a frame in injected plastic, patented, approved by INMETRO and designed for better efficiency in terms of solar power generation (great cost-benefit ratio), has no shadow area that impairs generation and does not demand any over-light additional structure.
With a hybrid concept, which integrates a more conventional tile model with a solar tile in any type of roof of the Supernova Line (replacement, renovation or new project), Solar Supernova Tile breaks through a barrier by bringing the active roof with a very competitive price proposition when compared to conventional solar panels and even other solar tiles.
Equivalent to 06 tiles Supernova (“Spanish”).

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See how easy, fast, and simple it is to install