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The Energy Series innovates by bringing a global tendency to the market: a roof tile capable of generating energy, through a solar tile, with the most modern in the segment.

Developed with CIGS thin film technology (copper, indium, gallium and selenium), PERKUS Energy tiles have excellent performance in relation to efficiency and durability.

With diffuse capture of sunlight, greater efficiency even on cloudy or low-light days, it does not generate shade itself and also offers great thermal comfort (reducing the use of heaters or air conditioners). It starts producing earlier and ends later.

Easy to install and with an innovative design, the solar tile has triple wave and double glass, already with the cabling coupled.

Through the unbreakable vacuum cathodic vaporization technology, considered the best technology for manufacturing thin films CIGS, 01 (one) m² of the solar tile is able to generate 102W/m², for about 1,200 hrs/year.

It allows the normal walk of a person on the tiles and is still “resistant” to the hot spot, as there are no internal small cracks (common in conventional solar modules).

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See how easy, fast, and simple it is to install

See how easy, fast, and simple it is to install