About Us

Who we are

The r. casagrande group has been operating since 1975 in the ceramic tile market and through PERKUS it has consolidated itself as the largest manufacturer of semi-glazed tiles in the country. With the proposal of developing enameled and natural ceramic tiles and innovative accessories, technology and Italian design and high standard of finishing, our mission goes beyond the functional objective of protection and impermeability.

There are exclusive models and colors, with differentiated design to compose facades, adding value to the roof and adding value to the project as an architectural element.

Today it is the leader and a reference in the segment, sustaining its position with more than 500 million roof tiles sold over the years in Brazil as well as abroad.

The very high and unparalleled quality of the tiles, in all lines and accessories, gives PERKUS the title of premium brand.

The PERKUS tiles are manufactured with microgranulated clay and shaped in presses of high compaction capacity. The great resistance to bending and low water absorption are the result of the mono-burning process in roller kilns, with temperatures above 1,150 ºC , which also guarantees a high quality product and pieces without variations in tonality and size.

With a strong performance in the domestic market and a solid presence in exports to the five continents, the r. casagrande group, through the continuous development of manufacturing processes and constant innovation in product design, has been consolidating its participation in the global ceramic scenario.

The r. casagrande group has as a quality policy to be a reference in the development, manufacturing and marketing of glazed ceramic products, improving the processes and products, adding value to the brand, respecting the principles of ethics and applicable legislation, in quality, environment, safety and occupational health.

 Besides, the r. casagrande group has as its mission to offer technical and innovative solutions in ceramic products, providing improvement in the quality of life, valuing customers, collaborators and external resources.

When we talk about international level ceramic production, naturally Italian technology and design comes to mind, which reminds us of sophistication, quality and superior performance. All these qualifications are present in PERKUS products, which employs the most modern technology to manufacture semi-gloss, glazed, and natural ceramic tiles.

The history of reference to quality and design started in the post-war period (1950’s), when the Italians began to apply in large scale several materials such as plastics, rubbers, acrylics, fabrics, metals and ceramics capable of making any product functional and at the same time aesthetically differentiated. This raised the “Italian product” to another level, creating objects of desire around the world, such as the Ferrari, Fendi, Benelli, Ferreti, Salvatore Ferragamo, MV Agusta, and Giorgio Armani brands, among many others.

This constant search for innovation, combined with functional performance and excellent aesthetic finish always guided the group r. casagrande, of Italian origin, to transform its ventures in Brazil, adding the best of Italian technology and design, with the strength and determination of Brazilian professionals to develop reference tiles in Brazil, consolidating itself as the largest national manufacturer in the segment.