Serie Solar

The Serie Energy innovates by bringing to the market a worldwide trend: a roof able to generate energy through a solar roof tile, with the most modern in the segment.

Ultra-resistant and with very high energy absorption power, it is an excellent response to environmental concerns and savings – directly reducing the energy bill.

Developed with CIGS thin-film technology (copper, indium, gallium and selenium), it outperforms any other tile in the market in efficiency and durability.

It directly eliminates the use of conventional solar panels, having its application from the initial moment of the project, adapting itself with other Perkus roof tiles and accessories to any work or roof, integrating the roof in an optimized way.

With diffuse capture of sunlight, greater efficiency even on cloudy or low-light days, it is immune to shadows (trees, buildings, etc.) and also offers great thermal comfort (reducing the use of heaters or air conditioning). It starts producing earlier and ends later (hours/day).

Easy to install and with an innovative design, the solar roof tile has triple wave and double glass, already with the cabling attached. Through the unbreakable technology of cathodic vaporization in vacuum, considered the best technology for manufacturing thin-films CIGS, 01 (one) m² of solar roof tile is capable of generating 103W/m², for about 1,200 hours/year, with an energy efficiency (85%) that reaches 25 years.

It allows the normal walking of a person on the tiles and it is still “resistant” to the hot spot, because there is no internal micro-crack (common in conventional solar modules).