Our Benefits

Technical Assistance

Casagrande Revestimentos, manufacturer of Perkus Roof Tiles, has a specialized technical team ready to answer questions, provide guidance and all necessary assistance on any product.

Easy Cleaning

The vitreous coating by high quality enamels and sintering, avoids the accumulation and incrustation of dirt, prolonging the original aspect and making cleaning easier. All it takes is a simple wash with soap and water for the product to return to its original appearance.

Manufacturing Trackability

Perkus Roof Tiles have traceability by batch, that is, it is possible to identify the month, year and shade of manufacture, ensuring the identification of bundles for replacements and agility in technical service processes.

Perfect Fittings

Due to the design and low dimensional variation of Perkus Roof Tiles, the fittings between the pieces are perfect, which means better performance in the installation, alignment, aesthetic beauty of the roof, and thermal comfort, since it hinders the passage of wind.

Easy Installation

Due to its design, shape, weight, and technical specifications, Perkus Roof Tiles are easy to install, speeding up the construction time.

Resistance to Salinity

Due to the high quality of the production and raw materials used, Perkus Roof Tiles are highly resistant to natural occurrences, such as the action of the salt air prevailing in coastal regions.

High Impermeability

Since Perkus Roof Tiles have low water absorption, when the pieces get wet from rain or other action, there is no overload on the roof structure, which means cost savings in the construction and maintenance of the work.

High Resistance

Due to the technology of the production process, Perkus Tiles are highly resistant to rupture, easy to install and maintain, since it is possible to walk normally on the pieces.

Low Water Absorption

Perkus roof tiles have very low water absorption, a result of the selection, grinding, and micro-granulation process of noble clays, pressing in equipments with high compaction power and single burn process at temperatures above 1,150 °C.

Low Weight per m²

Perkus roof tiles have very low weight per square meter, which results in a lighter roof structure, with low costs, without the need for reinforcement in the woodwork, and facilitating the replacement of existing roofings.

Thermal Comfort

Due to high compactness and perfect fitting, Perkus Roof Tiles have a low thermal conductivity index, providing excellent thermal comfort where used, with a difference of up to 4 °C in comparison to conventional ceramic and concrete roof.

Cracking Resistance

Perkus roof tiles are resistant to cracking, due to the perfect coupling between the enamel layer and the ceramic body of the roof tile.